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Why Do Studio Pilates?


PILATES is a form of exercise that is safe for beginners of any age or body type, male or female. Programs are individually tailored to a person's body and its specific needs. Some people want to gain strength to run in marathons. Others want to improve their golf game. Pilates strengthens and lengthens your body. This kind of exercise can also help you prevent or recover from injury and manage pain or chronic conditions. It is also an amazing complement to other workout regimes. 


If you're an athlete in Bristol this form of exercise is a recommended way to help you strengthen and improve your general condition and performance. You will be happy with results whether you are a dancer, runner, swimmer, tennis player etc. A tailored pilates program will correct body alignment, stability, movement and muscle firing patterns, strength and flexibility.



Pilates Equipment:

Reformer, Cadillac Trapeze, Ladder Barrel, Springboard, Combo Chair


We Offer the Following Pilates Options:

Private 25 min and 55 min Sessions ● Duets 25 min and 55 min Sessions ● Pilates Studio Circuit Class  
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Ask us about the right pilates class for you
Proper instructions are given for all pilates exercises



Core Principles Training at FIT

Core Principles will enable an athlete  to have a concentrated application of the general principles in Pilates. Training will include body positioning, breathing, and terminology on the mat, reformer, wall tower, discs, combo chair ladder barrel, and Cadillac Trapeze. An athlete will acquire the ability to participate in any FIT Pilates group training or pop ups in the future. Pilates Group training takes place in a full Balanced Body Studio setting.


Pilates Training Advantages

PILATES, a safe form of exercise for people of any age or body type, male or female, strengthens and lengthens your body. It can help someone prevent or recover from injury, manage pain or chronic conditions or improve the form, technique and mechanics of  moves by lengthening the spinal strength and control. FIT utilizes pilates training principles for dance specific strengthening and flexibility.

Proper use of pilates equipment gives good results
Ask us about the right pilates class for you
Proper use of pilates equipment gives good results

Pilates Training for Dancers


At Foresi’s Individualized Training we encourage dancers and dance studios from Bristol to enrich their training process. We have over 20+ years experience in Physical Therapy, Pilates, Sports Specific Training and Gymnastics, Coaching and Training. Our Dance Specific options including the following:


  • Studio Specific Injury Prevention Programs & Strength/Conditioning Clinics
  • Dancers’ Body Alignment and Body Work Sessions
  • Private Full Studio Pilates Training
  • Small Group  Full Studio Pilates Training
  • Group Pilates Mat Clinics (onsite)

Other Beneficial Fitness Programs at Our Facility:

Advanced Physical Therapy Personal Training -Sports Specific Training • Sport and Dance Evaluations • Balanced Body Pilates Studio

Foresi's Individualized Training in CT

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