Injury Prevention Programs for Dancers from Cheshire

A dancer moves like no other athlete. The precision, flexibility and repetition of dancers’ movements make them particularly vulnerable to injury. They also require a unique approach to treatment and recovery so they can recover quickly without losing learned techniques or muscle memory. We treat dancers of all backgrounds and abilities, from recreational to pre-professional athletes in classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, tap and competitive dance.


Injury Prevention Programs give dance studios a wonderful opportunity to address dance-related injuries. They can educate dancers about how to avoid injury and stay healthy. We accomplish this through particular programs and services that focus on assessing the risk of injury and diagnosing injuries at their earliest and most treatable stages.

Injury Prevention Assessment

Our injury prevention assessment program evaluates dancers before injuries occur. A physical therapist will meet with each dancer in your studio and then evaluate his or her alignment, strength and flexibility, as well as assess functional dance positions and moves.

The licensed clinician will provide an individually tailored exercise regimen that includes recommendations for technique modification, training strategies, and footwear that can reduce the risk of injury. We do offer individual in-person visits at F.I.T in Southington CT.​

Injury Prevention Lectures and Workshops

We offer injury prevention lectures and workshops that address all aspects of injury prevention, including cross-training, warm-up techniques, nutrition and hydration, pointe  readiness, and environmental safety. To schedule or inquire about a workshop for your studio please complete our information request form and email it to

Safe Landing Clinics

Did you know that jump landings cause ninety percent of traumatic injuries in dancers? We evaluate a dancer’s risk of injuries from ankle sprains to knee tears due to
misalignment during a jump landing. Our program assesses the biomechanics
of a dancer’s jump landing in order to identify his or her specific risk of injury and
determine which exercises can be used to improve landing performance.​

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