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Is Concierge Physical Therapy for You?


  • Concierge physical therapy is ideal for anyone who wants immediate evaluation and treatment, rather than waiting for a doctor's referral.
  • Concierge physical therapy is for anyone who doesn't have insurance or has a high insurance deductible.
  • It's for individuals who want to remain injury free by having access to their physical therapist year-round.

Insurance vs Using your HSA or Paying Out of Pocket:


  • Increased Level of care
  • Decreased number of total visits over the course of the treatment
  • Direct access of care: 100% one-on-one care, will never see different therapists or assistants
  • Personal ability to reach the provider
  • Schedule within 2-3 days 

Other Beneficial Fitness Programs at Our Facility:

Advanced Physical Therapy Personal Training -Sports Specific Training • Sport and Dance Evaluations • Balanced Body Pilates Studio

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